Project Description

Cooling Tower Filling Vacuum Forming Machine (also known as vacuum molding machine, blister forming machine or Thermoforming machine ), we are one of the best vacuum forming machine manufactures in China

Automatic Cooling Tower Filling Vacuum Forming machine


The PVC material is heated by three stages upper and lower infrared heating furnace, and the temperature of each segment is adjustable. The lower furnace is equipped with Teflon cloth as a supporting device for sagging material. Adjusting the temperature, make sure the PVC material won’t be completely softened and drooping , moving the sheet to the molding station by servo motor, then the pressurizing system started, the upper mold and lower mold will match with each other perfectly. Then the positive and negative pressure forming process would be realized.

It’s a idea machine for thermoforming and auto-cutting of cooling tower filling material

Cooling Tower Filling Vacuum Forming Machine


The equipment is customized for customers in the US, is specially used for cooling tower filling material thermoforming and automatic cutting.Sheet pulling, heating, forming, cutting, stacking and scrap recycling is finished in one machine, which reduces manual labor, operation easily, improves production efficiency, it has high reliability and fully automation.


Automatic feeding–Preheating–Heating–Forming–Positive and negative forming–Cooling–Crosscutting–Cutting–Stacking–Scrap recycling.

Automatic Cooling Tower Filling Vacuum Forming machine Datasheet