Project Description

Dental Teeth Aligner Thermoforming Machine(Also known as Dental blister vacuum forming machine, blister molding machine, or aligner lamination thermoforming machine , we are one of the best dental aligner thermoforming machine manufactuter in China

Orthodontic Dental Teeth Aligner Thermoforming Machine

The machine is designed for dentistry. Suitable for orthodontic dental teeth aligner thermoforming

The machine is designed for dentistry. Suitable for dental teeth blister lamination.

It is integrated of raw material drying, rolling material automatic straighten , heating, automatic loading and unloading of molds, vacuum forming, online quality monitoring, finished products automatic cutting, finished products automatic transferring, waste material automatic recycling.
Achieve high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and high quality.

Automatic mold changing dental lab vacuum thermoforming machine


It’s suitable for medical field,such as tooth socket vacuum forming, crown blister and so on.


Mold changing–Dry material automatic feeding–Heating–Positive and negative pressure forming–Cutting–Unloading–Scrap recycling

Automatic dental teeth blister lamination vacuum forming machine Datasheet