Project Description

High frequency plastic welding machine(also known as high frequency heat sealing machine,High frequency heating machine,high frequency equipment,High wave sealing machine,Plastic blister welding machine), we are one of the best High frequency machine manufactures in China



Stationery packaging, electronic product packaging, thermoforming blister packaging, toothbrush packaging, floss packaging, toy packaging, gift packaging, hardware tool packaging,

U disk packaging, thermoforming blister and paper card packaging, can also be used for PVC plastic welding.

Four station fully automatic high frequency welding machine


1. One or more products can be welded at one time, that’s depending on the size of the product.

2. Normally there is one upper mold and three lower mold, working alternately, the machine output is about 3500-4500 times / 8 hours, customers can also choose more efficient multi working station automatic turntable type high frequency welding machine according to output.

3. Adopt low loss European standard coaxial high frequency resonator, with strong high frequency output power,the product can be welded in the shortest time.Greatly improve the production efficiency

4. With high frequency stabilizer, and high frequency shielding device, The high frequency interference is reduced to the minimum to avoid Radio Frequency Interference