Project Description

We supply automotive parts high frequency welding machine, like high wave welding machine for automotive pads, high cycle automotive door panel welding machine, high frequency welding machine for car floor mat, car mist curtain.

Automotive door panel and pad high frequency welding machine


Suitable for large mattresses , soundproof cotton indentation , door panel , mist curtain, foot pads, carpet and so on. The equipment has two mode , fully automatic and semi-automatic

Fully automatic double head high frequency welding machine


1. High power electronic tube , low consumption and high efficiency oscillating circut, stable and reliable putput

2. The space between the worktable and upper plate is large , and the pressing area is very big

3. Four column structure, positioning accurately

4. The height of machine head is easy to adjust, and modl change is simple and fast

5. High sensitive spark suppression to prevent damage of electron tube and mold.

6. Full set of high quality components, the performance is stable.