Project Description

We are one of the best Car Interior Automatic Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming machine suppliers in China

Automotive interior parts thermoforming trimming all in one production line


1.Adopt Japan Omron electrical control system, high definition touch screen, equipped with intelligent temperature control algorithm. The whole system realizes Human Machine Interaction.
2.The entire production process from raw material to finished parts is fully automatic.
3.This machine is reasonable in structure design and easy to operate, suitable for super large, super difficult and super quantity thick sheet vacuum forming.

BMW Car interior fully automatic vacuum forming machine


Automotive interior , water proof layer and so on.
Suitable for material like XPE ,PE or other auto-material .


Automatic feeding–automatic ajusting –preheating–Heating–Forming–Automatic waste material removing–Automatic weight detection —Qualified products,unqualified products,waste products automatic partition –part number automatic generating.


1. Production tasks can be assigned in the office, Need only material batch and mold number of the product match.
2. Automatic feeding system, rapid mould replacement, Automatic mould locking and Automatic stacking system ,low labour cost.
3.  Adopt imported low-energy consumption heating elements, the heating system can be highly controlled and the material is heated evenly
4.  The Vacuum and Compressed air system can be precisely controlled by the control valves, solenoid valves and flow-limiting valve.