Project Description

Sliding table type high frequency welding machine(also known as high frequency equipment,plastic sealing machine,high wave plastic welding machine, high cycle tube forming machine ), we are one of the best medical high frequency welding machine manufactures in China

Left and right sliding table high frequency welding machine for medical treatment


Shanghai Zhanshi produce below high frequency welding machines :

1. Disposable blood transfusion bag automatic production lines
2. Disposable drainage bags automatic production lines
3. One time plastic bags automatic production lines and other sterile medical instrument.
4. Automatic high frequency plastic welding machine for film membrane structure and tents.
5. Canvas high frequency heat sealing machine, plastic packaging machine, plastic heat sealing machine, fusing machine and other related equipment.


Suitable for plastic packaging industry, PVC, PETG, APET and other materials, double blister, paper card and blister and other products processing, focusing on medical blood bags, urine bags and tubes welding.


The equipment can be divided into: two station slide machine, three station automatic turntable machine, only one operator is needed, the production efficiency can be four times of thaditional machine. With upper and lower mold plate precision processing, ensure the welding quality.

1. Sliding table type high frequency automatic medical machine adopt high-precision index plate to realize automatic and high accuracy positioning, save labor cost, improve production efficiency.
2. With safety light shade and safety gate, protect the operator effectively.
3. High frequency welding and cutting proceed simultaneously.
4. Scrap material would be removed by robot arm automaticly.
5. Adopt 5557 advanced spark protection system, if spark happens, it will start in 0.03s, greatly protect the mold from damage.

Double Sliding Table High Frequency Welding Machine for Medical Treatment datasheet