Project Description

We are one of the few companies who has double sheet thermoforming technology in China

double sheet thermoformig


This equipment is designed according to the product size requirements of the customer. The model is ZS-G1515. The production line is connected by plastic sheet extrusion machine and thermoforming machine.Electrical control system adopts Japan OMRON, equipped with high definition industrial touch screen and intelligent temperature control algorithm, and the whole system realize human-machine interaction .


It’s suitable for material like ABS,PP,HDPE.
The finished product is double sheet pallet for logistics .


Two sheet extrusion lines extrude at the same time –Two sheets flow into forming area A and forming area B by conveyor belt — A and B vacuum forming (Seperately / automatic) — Two sheet closed and form together — cooling — demolding — Robot arm grabs finished product and put into conveyor belt.


1. One step production , world leading technology
2. Working life of the pallet over 10 years , spend less than wooden pallet
3. Moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
4. Resistance to impact, abrasion and low temperature
5. Lower weight , save material

Fully Automatic Double sheet (Twin sheet) Pallet Vacuum Forming Machine Datasheet