Project Description

Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine (also known as thermoplastic molding machine , automatic plastic blister forming machine or thermoforming machine ), we are one of the best vacuum forming machine manufactures in China

Fully Automatic Negative Pressure Multi station Vacuum Thermoforming Machine


1. Ordinary semi-automatic machine forming mold is also workable for this machine , low mold cost.
2. Suitable for moderate quantity, automatic operation working environment, saving labor and mold cost.
3. Adopt the latest international thermoforming technology and It is integrated of electric, mechanical and pneumatic design.
4. PLC and Touch Screen Control, the whole system realize Human machine Interface.
5.Multi-stages heating, easy for the forming of Convex or Concave Moulds. Laser blade cutting.
6.Heating, punching, forming, cutting, stacking all-in-one machine. Reduce the worker,easy for operation,improve the production speed ,high automatic, it’s a idea machine for thermoforming products line production.

Biodegradable corn starch automatic negative pressure vacuum forming machine


It’s suitable for PLA、corn starch、PP、PE、APET、PVC、PETG 、PS、ABS 、EPS、HIPS and other plastic sheet forming, thickness from 0.1mm to 2mm .

Processing packages with high transparency, high depth, circular, square Shape, irregular, top and bottom both sides stretch, turnup etc. Used as medical industry blister lining、food and lunch box,toys, tray, dish, bowl, cover, electronic and other industrial packaging.


Automatic feeding→Top and bottom two stages heating→Negative pressure forming→ Hole punching(optional)→Cutting→Stacking→Conveyor belt transport→ Scrap automatic recycling


1) The system sets a number of protection measures, and each action that may collide with each other has a chain protection.
2) Safety door protection and sealing device adopts manual deduction and manual locking to improve equipment safety factor.
3) The electrical main control system is controlled by PLC integrated module, and the industrial touch display is used as HMI (human machine interface), and the Chinese interface is adopted. The machine has settings and modifications including button operation and all process parameters to make the unit easy to operate and maintain.
4) The working mode of the whole machine is divided into manual/automatic, all setting operations are realized on the touch screen; when the operator puts the materials, the automatic starting device is used to complete the whole process of forming the process, and the materials in the silo are directly produced; manual Mainly used for mold change or sample control.
5) The power distribution cabinet contains protection circuits, including overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and overload protection. The heating element has a fuse protection. For safety issues that may pose a hazard to the system or workpiece, there are warning signs or backup text instructions. Leave 5-10% space in the control box for future changes. The cabinet is equipped with a strainer and a protective cooling fan.
6)All non-removable cables and wires outside the power box are hidden in the cable trough for easy opening and repair. If it is not possible at this point, use a hose to fix it.