Project Description

Vacuum Forming Machine (also known as thermoplastic molding machine, blister forming machine or Thermoforming machine ), we are one of the best vacuum forming machine manufactures in China

Fully Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Multi station Vacuum Forming Machine


1. With PLC and Touch Screen Control, the whole system realize Human Machine Interaction (HMI).

2. Three-stages heating, easy for the forming of Convex or Concave Moulds.

3. Germany standard high quality thermoformer. Realize automatic feeding, heating, positive and negative pressure forming ,cutting ,stacking one-time completion. Forming cycle can be 1.5s


1. Reduce the manual labour
2. Easy for operation
3. Improve the efficiency
4. High reliability
5. High level of automation
6. Completely driven by servo motor

Mode ZS-5070 ZS-6070 ZS-6070II
Max forming area 500*700mm 600*700mm 600*700mm
Cutting type Cut outside mold Cut outside mold Cut in mold
Max forming depth 180mm 180mm 130mm
Material thickness 0.1-2.0mm 0.1-2.0mm 0.1-2.0mm
Max material diameter 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Production speed 13-40cycle/min 13-40cycle/min 6-20cycle/min
Total power 102.5kw (Normally use 41-70kw) 161kw (Normally use 50-110kw) 148kw(Normal 60-100kw)
Voltage 380v-50hz-3ph 380v-50hz-3ph 380v-50hz-3ph
Weight 12T 15T 14.5T
Dimension(L*W*H) 9500* 2400* 3200mm 13000*2500*3700mm 11000*2500*3700mm


1. It’s suitable for PLA、Corn starch、PP、PE、PET、PVC、PETG 、PS、ABS 、EPS、HIPS and other plastic sheet forming.

2. Processing packages with high transparency, high depth, circular, square Shape, irregular, top and bottom both sides stretch, turnup etc.

3. Used as seeding tray forming, 3D wall paper, cooling tower filling,electric tray,cosmetic tray, tableware thermoforming, medical industry blister lining、degradable food container and lunch box,toys, tray, dish, bowl, cover, electronic and other industrial packaging making.

4. We provide special large forming area customize


– Automatic feeding
– Top and bottom Multistage heating
– Hole punching(optional)
– Positive and Negative pressure forming
– Cutting
– Stacking
– Scrap automatic recycling

1 Automatic feeding

1 Automatic feeding

2 three stage heating

2 three stage heating

3 positive and negative pressure forming

3 positive and negative pressure forming

4 Automatic Cutting

4 Automatic Cutting

5 Automatic Stacking

5 Automatic Stacking

6 Automatic scrap recycling

6 Automatic scrap recycling


1. The material is heated by three stages upper and lower infrared heating furnace, and the temperature of each segment is adjustable.

2. The lower furnace is equipped with Teflon cloth or wire mesh as a supporting device for sagging material.

3. The sheet is moved to the molding station by servo motor, then the pressurizing system started, the upper mold and lower mold will match with each other perfectly.

New Invention: Unique mold driving method

Old type New type
Old type New type
Upper and lower mold platforms are driven by two Crank arm structure Upper and lower mold platforms are driven by one connecting rod and only one motor. So only one servo motor is needed in each station.
Total four servo motors on forming and cutting station Two servo motors are reduced , power saving, price is lower
Normal shaft Air shaft
Mechanical mold change device quick mold change device

1. Unique Design One Motor Control Two Mold Platforms, power saving,less likely to break down, price much lower.

2. Reduce mold cost.

3. Removable heating furnace

4. Quick mold change device

5. adopt air shaft in feeding station

6. Durable and Energy Saving , Provide Two Years Warranty


1. ZHANSHI, Famous Brand in China. Our company was founded in 2004. We have 16 Years Independent R&D Experience. Customers are over 50 countries all over the world.

2. We supply one-stop solution for high quality machine and mold.

3. Our machine has two years quality warranty, we supply worldwide after-sales service in 3 days if customers have problems.

4. All of our machines have CE certification.

5. Most of the parts are from Japan and Germany,