Project Description

We are one of the best Bus Interior automatic thick sheet vacuum forming machine,car mat making machine, car plastic parts vacuum forming machine, car bumper vacuum forming machine suppliers in China

Fully Automatic Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine


This equipment is a full-automatic thick sheet vacuum forming machine customized for bus, which includes two molding methods, mold pressing vacuum forming and negative pressure vacuum forming,suitable for all kinds of plastic material.

This machine consist of Frame, automatic feeding devices,Vacuum forming devices, Heating Devices, Pneumatic Control System,material take out devices, Electric Control system etc.


  • Fully Automatic

  • Easy for Operation

  • Reasonable Stucture Design

  • Reduce Labor Cost

Yutong bus fully automatic thick sheet vacuum forming machine


It’s suitable for material like ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA plastic thermoforming materials.

Products are widely used as hardware tools,medical equipment ,lamps and lanterns,sanitary ware,luggage,refrigerator liner,automotive interior decoration,container boxes,pallet, automatic interior,vent pipe,cushion,floor mat,fenders,bumpers,engine hood,sound insulation board,instrument panel,platic and leather hot pressing forming parts,trunk baffle,golf car roof,bus interior trim,automobile air conditioners shell,pickup trunk and so on.


Sheet pile up to loading area–Feeding–Heating(with protecting tray underside to prevent sagging)–Blowing–Vacuum forming (mold pressing optional)–Cooling and shaping –Finished products return to the feeding area while raw material send to the forming area–Automatic laying off