Project Description

Sun Shading board high frequency welding machine(also known as sun visor high frequency welding machine,sun shade High frequency machine,sun shading board heat sealing machine), we are one of the best automotive parts High frequency welding machine suppliers in China

High frequency welding machine for sun shading visor board


1. This equipment is high frequency heat sealing machine specially designed for automotive interior decoration and sun shading board.

2. There are two models of this equipment: Standard oil pressure type welding machine, High end oil pressure welding and cutting machine

3. Suitable for truck,car, container car, farm locomotive, sun shading board welding. The internal skeleton of the board can be foam, plastic, stell wire bonding card board and so on.

The outside surface can be PVC, and PU/PE/XPE in PVC and so on.

Sun Shading board high frequency welding machine


1, With human-machine interface operation,PLC programming control, and it can store multiple programs.

2, The finished products has beautiful appearance, high quality, easy tear off edge, no burrs, don’t need artificial trimming.

3, High security level, three sides sealing to prevent accidents, adding security sensors to ensure safety of the wokers, with internal light irradiation, ease for operations, improve efficiency and safety.

4, Equipped with PL5557 spark protection device to prevent mold damage.

5, Ampere meter is installed to ensure welding current stability, prevent overcurrent at the same time.

High Frequency Welding Machine for Sun Shading Visor Board datasheet