Project Description

High frequency welding machine(also known as High wave welding machine,High frequency heating machine,High frequency hot pressing machine,High wave plastic sealing machine), we are one of the best High frequency welding machine suppliers in China

High power non standard high frequency welding machine


The finished products can be used as medical water cushion, canoe, inflatable boat, water bed , inflatable mattress, air cushion, inflatable toy, inflatable castle, inflatable water park,inflatable water trampoline , inflatable water sliding board, inflatable water drum, floating row, swimming pool, inflatable sofa, and other large area PVC, PU, EVA products welding.

Sponge Carpet, PVC Brushed Floor Mat High Cycle Embossing Machine


1. With four columns high strength structure and large working area, it can be costomized as double head four station or single head two station.

2. Operation mode : manual feeding , automatic welding and automatic material in and out. Each station would work alternatively.

3. The advantage is that different products can be welded on different working station, the current magnitude and time can be set, the two sides are electric controlled, the power is high and soft .

4. Pressure type : air pressure and hydraulic pressure.

5. Safety facilities : High sensitive 5557 spark mold protection, overcurrent protection, power phase protection,

High Power Non Standard High Frequency Welding Machine datasheet