Project Description

We are one of the best non wowen fabric material vacuum forming machine manufactures in China

Non Woven Fabric hot pressing thermoforming machine


ZS-1017/300 high-efficiency hot pressing thermoforming machine, suitable for non-woven fabrics and other breathable materials, the forming process is positive and negative pressure forming.
1.PLC and Touch Screen Control, the whole system realize Human machine Interface.
2.Multi-stages heating, easy for the forming of Convex or Concave Moulds.
3.Heating, forming, cutting all-in-one machine. Reduce the worker,easy for operation,improve the production speed ,high automatic, it’s a idea machine for thermoforming products line

Non Woven Fabric Positive and negative pressure forming machine


It’s suitable for non-woven fabrics and other breathable materials , used as car interior parts and liners .



We are one of few companies in China who can manufacture fully automatic non-woven fabric forming – cutting – collecting all in line production line.
Even Japanese and German customers prefer to choose our machines.

Non Woven Fabric Hot Pressing Thermoforming Machine Datasheet