Project Description

PVC film High frequency sealing machine(also known as PVC membrane high frequency welding machine,PVC film high frequency welding machine,PVC film High frequency hot pressing machine,High wave sealing machine), we are one of the best High frequency sealing machine manufacturers in China

PVC film high frequency sealing machine


It is suitable for processing and making of PVC membrane products, such as :

Building membrane structure
Tension film
Space film
Cable membrane
Parking shed
Water sac
Roof of stadium, airport hall, exhibition center, shopping center, platform etc.
Leisure facilities, industry facilities, landmark of landscape architecture.

PVC Film and Membrane High Frequency Welding Machine


1. The machine structure design is reasonable and stable, the working area is suitable for different size of membrane structure products.

2. There is a C groove structure, used for storing a certain amount of membrane cloth in the process of film material welding.

3. The grounding method can also be arranged according to customers’ requirement.

4. High sensitive spark overcurrent protection circuit , it can automatically cut off the high wave to suppress the spark.

5. Equipped with high frequency shielding device to avoid potencial safety risk.

6. Customized molds, manual mold adjustment, easy for mold trail.

7. The welding process would finish automatically , more efficient and fast

8. Automatic overcurrent spark protection, prolong the life time of vacuum electron tube.

9. We also provide heat sealing machine for PTFE and ETFE film.

PVC Film and Membrane High Frequency Welding Machine datasheet