Project Description

Including Servo Motor Driving High Speed Vacuum Forming Machine and Cylinder Driving High Speed Vacuum Forming Machine, Blister Forming Machine, Thermoforming Sulotion, Thermoforming Industry Expert, Vacuum press machine

Semi automatic high speed thermoforming machine


1.ZS – 1220 PLC Control High-speed Vacuum Forming Machine adopt Japan Omron Control system, the whole system realize Human machine Interface.

2. All parameters is set on the touch screen and all the running status is being monitored. The equipment has diagnostic function, fault messages and elimination measures real-time display, easy to operate and maintain.

3. This machine could store several product’s parameters, just select the right parameter when changing products.

4. Servo motor driving / Cylinder driving two types are available for the forming process.

5.It can’t finish the whole process from material to finished product independently. Hydraulic cutting machine is required for the cutting process.

High speed(Semi automatic) vacuum forming machine

Mode ZS-1220 ZS-1220S
Max forming area 1220*710mm 1220*710mm
Max forming depth 180mm 180mm
Material thickness 0.1-2.0 mm 0.1-2.0 mm
Production speed 6-15 cycle / min 6-15 cycle / min
Total power 45kw (Normal 15-30kw) 52kw (Normal 22-37kw)
Driving method Air Cylinder Servo motor
Voltage 380V-50Hz-3PH 380V-50Hz-3PH
Weight 3.5T 3.5T
Dimension(L*W*H) 7400*1780*2500 mm 7400*1780*2500 mm


1. The finished product would be big pieces , if combined with hydraulic cutting machine , the output would be large and total machine cost would be low. The only defect is higher labour cost.

2. It’s suitable for PLA、corn starch、PP、PE、APET、PVC、PETG 、PS、ABS 、EPS、HIPS and other plastic sheet forming.

3. Processing packages with high transparency, high depth, circular, square Shape, irregular, top and bottom both sides stretch, turnup etc. Used as medical industry blister lining, fruit tray, food and lunch box,toys, tray, dish, bowl, cover, electronic and other industrial packaging making.


– Automatic feeding
– Heating
– Negative pressure vacuum forming
– Whole Piece Cutting
– Sheet drop into layoff box.

1 automatic feeding

1 automatic feeding

2 heating

2 heating

3 vacuum forming

3 vacuum forming

4 Whole Piece Cutting

4 Whole Piece Cutting

5 Sheet drop into layoff box

5 Sheet drop into layoff box


1. The lower mold is semi-enclosed, the upper mold is electrically regulated. Quick mold Change, Large forming area.

2. Mechanical slicing , safe ,reliable and save material.

3. Special functions: High speed / low speed vacuumizing , upper mould buffering , upper mould electrically regulation, multiple blowing function, multiple demoulding function, upper mould assisting demoulding function, automatic calculation, material pulling speed regulation function.

4. Inverter control material pulling: hollow reducer directly connected with the main shaft, double row chain driving, maintaining stability during high-speed operation , distance between the beams is adjustable , make the best use of the material, reduce waste , and produce no error.

5. The pressing system has material blocking device: make sure the feeding is accurate and easy, and it won’t cause any waste due to the material deviation.

New Invention: Inline Cutting Machine

inline cutting machine

We have new invention this year , which can solve your cutting problem

1. The cutting machine can be connected with all kinds of high speed vacuum forming machines to realize automatic thermoforming and cutting.

2. Active detection of material-pulling tolerance in forming station, which can permanently maintain high cutting accuracy . This is also a patent of this machine.

3. High cutting productivity.

For ZS-100T type ,Cutting area 1230mm*760mm.

For ZS-60T type, Cutting area 760mm*760mm.


1. ZHANSHI, Famous Brand in China. Our company was founded in 2004. We have 16 Years Independent R&D Experience. Customers are over 50 countries all over the world.

2. We supply one-stop solution for machine and mold.Customers will get high quality machine with reasonable price.

3. Our machine has one year quality warranty, we supply worldwide after-sales service in 3 days if customers have problems.

4. All of our machines have CE certification.

5. Most of the parts are from Japan and Germany.