Project Description

High frequency plastic welding machine(also known as High wave plastic welding machine,High frequency heating machine,High frequency equipment,High wave sealing machine,Plastic blister welding machine), we are one of the best High frequency machine suppliers in China

Single and double head sliding table high frequency weldi


The machine is commonly used in

1. Double side plastic blister packaging
2. Plastic hang tag packaging,
3. Double side paper card with heat sealing plastic thermoforming packaging inside (also known as blister packaging)
4. High frequency thermal packaging
5. Vacuum forming packaging

Therefore , high frequency welding machine a kind of packaging equipment used in printing and packaging industry.

As the products after sealing is transparent and clean, high frequency welding machine is deeply loved by manufacturer and consumers.The machine can also be used for some plastic welding, PVC welding , stamping and embossing.

Single and Double Head Sliding Table High Frequency Welding Machine