Project Description

High cycle embossing machine(also known as high frequency embossing machine,High frequency stamping machine,high frequency equipment,High wave embossing machine,Plastic PVC embossing machine), we are one of the best High frequency embossing machine manufactures in China

Sponge carpet, PVC brushed floor mat high cycle embossing machine


This machine is suitable for embossing of clothing, hat, sports shoes, 3D modeling, trade mark, golf cap, sportswear, bulletproof vest, carpet, door mat, garment, leather, flocking, fabric, etc. Suitable for material like PVC, PET, EVA, PETG, APET, PU, TPU and other materials .

Sponge Carpet, PVC Brushed Floor Mat High Cycle Embossing Machine


1. Adopt steel to strengthen the fuselage structure, all parts are applied to precision grinding process, with high flatness.

2. The sliding table is made by aluminum, driven by motor, with linear bearing set, there is no resistance on the material in the process of cylinder lifting.

3. European oscillation,with bilateral output, electric power transfer, current control, the output is steady.

4. Imported hydraulic system, adjustable pressure, smooth and powerful.

5. Highly sensitive spark mold protection system and over-current protection system.

6. Japanese import vacuum tubes, the output power is stable.

7. Use international industrial frequency band 17.5MHZ and 13.56 MHZ, the output frequency is stable, strong output, reliable performance,with specially tuning unit, the welding time is reduced and production is increased.

8. No matter at work or at rest, and whether it is a sudden power failure or gas stop. The machine would come to a standstill, maintain its original position, will not suddenly rise or fall, greatly improve the safety of workers,

9. High sensitivity spark preventer, equipped with PL5557 electronic thyratron to detect excessive current. It can automatically cut off the high-frequency current when the spark generated so that damage to molds and raw materials is reduced.

10. Stepless heating thermostat, the temperature is adjustable according to different carpet mats products, make your work more efficient.

Sponge Carpet, PVC Brushed Floor Mat High Cycle Embossing Machine datasheet