Project Description

High frequency fusing machine(also known as High frequency welding and cutting machine,High frequency sealing machine,High frequency blister packing machine,Plastic blister welding machine), we are one of the best High frequency fusing machine suppliers in China

Turntable type high frequency fusing machine


Suitable for all types of PVC, PET, PETG, APET and other double-blister or blister and paper card welding and cutting, as well as indentation and cutting process of folding packaging.

PVC Film and Membrane High Frequency Welding Machine


1. Equipment type : rotary table type, left and right sliding table type, automatic straight line type (Fusing function and manipulator can be added) .

2. Two sets pressure regulating system: low pressure welding and high pressure cutting

3. Two precision positioning guide rod, the machine head can move up and down smoothly, no crawl phenomenon.

4. The rotary table start and stop, rise and fall , rotates smoothly, positioning accurately.

5. It has two stage pressure conversion , with stable movement , low noise and fast speed.

6. The machine is able to work 5000 times every 8 hours , high performance heating tube , has the advantage of fast heating and long lifetime.

Turntable and Double Station High Frequency Fusing Machine datasheet