Project Description

Turntable high frequency welding machine(also known as infusion bag high frequency equipment,medical blood transfusion bags high frequency welding machine,medical urethral bag,flushing bag,drainage bag high frequency sealing machine ), we are one of the best medical high frequency welding machine suppliers in China

Turntable infusion bag,tube forming high frequency machine


Rotary infusion bags, tube forming high-frequency machines are widely used in medical industry, such as:

1. Medical infusion bags
2. Medical blood transfusion bags
3. Medical urethral catheter bag
4. Rinse bags
5. Drainage bags and other disposable medical supplies bag.
Realize one-time finish welding, improve product quality and production efficiency.


1. With stable structure, the mold level is easy to adjust, bag and pipe welding can be achieved. Compared with old production mode, the labor cost is reduced, production efficiency is improved.

2. Oscillator is the core component of high-frequency welding machine. Our company has developed a new generation of high stability, high performance oscillator after our enginner studying and researching in Germany. And we have owned 15%-20% share in domestic market in medical industry.

3. Equipped with imported high sensitivity 557 spark protection device to prevent mold damage ; the machine is also equipped with overcurrent protection device to prevent excessive current damage to the internal electronic components.

4. Our machine is also equipped with a professional electromagnetism shielding device to achieve interference-free from outside.

5. The turntable machine has four working station, the switching cycle is controlled by time. The production efficiency can be four times of traditional two station turntable machine, two station sliding table machine, three station manual turntable machine. Adopt high precision graduator positioning method and precision-machined upper and lower mold plate, the welding quality is much better than traditional production method.