Project Description

Hokaido Vacuum pump,Busch Vacuum pump for thermoforming machine

thermoforming Vacuum pump


German vacuum pumps are widely used in vacuum forming and many other areas. Brand like Hokaido and Busch, provide a strong power,reliable operation.
Oil circulation lubrication, single stage compressed rotary vane vacuum pump.
1. Driven by standard motor , can be customized according to different requirement .
2. Simple and compact structure, suitable for all types of machines.
3. Check valve is installed on the suction port to prevent pump oil from entering the vacuum system.
4. Smooth operation, no special fixed device and damper.
5. Adopt air-coolling rather than water cooling.
6. Equipped with oil water separator , exhaust clean air, low noise, meets the requirements of environmental protection.
7. Reliable oil circulation structure, to ensure long-term continuous operation.
8. Easy installation and maintenance, low operating costs.

Vacuum Pump for Thermoforming Machine Datasheet

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