It is a common way to compare similar things together to study the characteristics and advantages of things. Blister processing, a common thermoplastic production process What are its characteristics and advantages? Today, we use blister processing and injection blow molding to tell you about the relationship between blister thermoforming, injection molding, blow molding

Thermoforming Features and advantages.thermoforming products ZHANSHI MACHINERY

First of all, what I should know is that there are many kinds of plastic processing technology. The three common types on the market are blister thermoforming, injection and blow molding. The so-called injection molding processing can be used to process large-size thin-walled products.

Its main feature is to allow the product to be concave. The advantage of plastic thermoforming processing is that the cost of equipment and molds is affordable. It is a relatively economical processing method. Of course, if it is some super-large, special-shaped, plastic processing, it is another matter. Blow molding is relatively suitable for products with a large hollow area.

So at a glance, the cost of the thermoforming machine mold is relatively low. The product made is faster. The gap between the product and the sample is not large. The space for sale is relatively large. The cost of his mold is also relatively high. , The molding of the product is relatively fast! There is a certain advantage in speed !!